Retinol w/Sunscreen Name & Label Change

New name and label for our Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème w/Sunscreen

We are writing to share with you some upcoming changes to our products. We value your opinion, and want to let you know that we take them to heart.  Many customers have commented that the size of the type on our label is too small to read.  We also realize that several of our products use the same jar and cap making it difficult to distinguish between the products.

So, we want to let you know that as we comply with increased regulations of labels on cosmetic products, we have made the design changes that you asked for.  We have increased the size of the font to make our label on this product easier to read and added a design change to make it easier to distinguish from other products.

The new name of our Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème with Sun Protection will be Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème – Day Defense.  There is no change to the formula or to the product.  It will take us some time to change our catalogs and marketing materials, so you may continue to see Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème with Sun Protection, but rest assured that the crème inside the jar remains exactly the same as you have enjoyed for years.

The new name reflects that our product continues to defend against the environment we live in, which is crucial in maintaining the health of our skin.  Numerous studies have indicated that pollutants can cause various reactions in our skin and the way it repairs itself. Consider our weather, the harsh winters and dry hot summers in some parts of our country, truly there are environmental issues all year long. A well known culprit is overexposure to the sun. Our Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème – Day Defense (formerly Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème with Sun Protection) continues to have sun protection properties, but with an SPF under 6.  That’s why we continue to recommend a sun screen product with an SPF of 30 or greater for extended sun exposure.

At E. Burnham we believe your best defense against the environment is being diligent with your skin care products. Our specially formulated cleansers, toner and most importantly day and night moisturizers, can make a noticeable difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin.  Of course as loyal customers you already know this, and we thank you for sharing your beauty secret.

This product is currently in production, and we expect it to be ready to ship approximately March 15.  Thank you for your patience as we work to get this product ready for launch.

Thank you, we are grateful for your business.

Nancy Kittle, President and Daughter of the Founder

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President’s Day Did you know?

flapping flag USA with wave

The federal holiday Washington’s Birthday honors the accomplishments of George Washington, known as “The Father of his Country”. Celebrated for his leadership in the founding of the nation, he was the unanimous choice to become the first President; he was seen as a unifying force for the new republic.

Originally enacted by Congress in 1879 to celebrate the birth of our first President, the Washington’s Birthday holiday was observed on February 22.  As early as the 1950s there was a push to also recognize Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 11, and to create a President’s Day holiday on March 4, the original inauguration day.  Many felt that was too many holidays in a short span, so the proposal was never voted on.

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved the observance of Washington’s Birthday to the third Monday of February, but did not address Lincoln’s birthday.  The revised third Monday holiday placed it between Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays on the calendar, but the official Federal holiday is still called Washington’s Birthday.

Some states began observing Presidents Day on March 4, but there is no Federal holiday called “Presidents Day.”  In fact, while many states and government entities are closed for the holiday, fewer and fewer businesses are closing in observance.

In our case, this works to your advantage!  We’re honoring the day by offering FREE SHIPPING on all online orders placed now through Midnight on Monday February 20, 2017.

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Five Easy Steps To Younger Looking Skin

E. Burnham Cosmetics recommends a weekly “At Home Facial ”

Younger looking, pampered, well cared for skin in just 5 easy steps using our Retinol “At Home Facial“ kit. There is no better way to care for and protect your skin than with a facial. The purpose of a facial is to cleanse, tone, refresh and moisturize skin. Regular facials are absolutely essential for protecting and maintaining younger looking, healthy skin.

Remember, skin that is well cared for is better equipped to defend against the signs of aging.


Step 1:  Cleanse and exfoliate – Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin to remove the dead surface layer of facial skin.

Normal /Combination skin – Retinol Facial Cleansing Lotion with AHA

Moisten hands and face. Pour cleansing lotion into palm of hands and work into lather. Massage lather onto damp face, using upward and outward motion. Take special care to avoid the eye contour area. Rinse face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry.

Dry/Sensitive Skin – Retinol Cleansing Milk Lotion with Natural Herbs

Liberally apply cleansing lotion to face. Next, place palms of hands over entire face. Maintain contact for several seconds and then briskly lift hand from face. This action creates a section effect and  mifts make-up and impurities without irritating skin. Repeat this suction action 5-6 times. Rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry.

Step 2: Deep Pore Cleansing – Remove any impurities and congestion imbedded in pores.

All Skin Types – Retinol Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Using finger tips, apply masque to thoroughly cleansed face, neck and throat areas. Carefully, avoid areas around the eyes, hairline and lips. Allow masque to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry.

Step 3: Facial Mask – Reduce the appearance of large pores, refine texture, nourish and purify the skin.

All Skin Types – Retinol Ultra Pore Minimizer

Smooth pore minimize, in an even layer, over dry face. Avoid eye contour area. Pore minimize will dry to a mask like finish. Leave on until completely dry (about 15 minutes). Splash rinse with lukewarm water. Using a very wet cloth, gently remove balance of mask. Splash rinse again. Pat dry.

Step 4: Toner – Stabilize skin and makes the skin more receptive to moisturizer.

All Skin Types – Retinol Facial Toner (Alcohol Free)

Saturate cotton pads with toning lotion. Apply to face, neck and throat areas using upward and outward motion. Soothing, refreshing effects are felt at once.

Step 5: Moisturizer – Protect, nourish and defend your skin against the signs of aging.

All Skin Types – Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème

Apply crème liberally to face. Gently massage crème into skin using upward and outward motion. Lift the skin, allowing it to absorb the nutrient rich ingredients.


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Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we are very thankful for many things this year. Most important among them is gratitude for our loyal customers. Thank you for over 30 years of support, and we look forward to serving your skincare and beauty needs for many more years.

Coming right on the heels of Thanksgiving is Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, kicking off the traditional season for buying Christmas gifts. Take a look at our website on these days for special deals. You don’t want to miss it.

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4 Skin Benefits of Green Tea

14355523_659992880832562_7165295817760205134_nNeed a little pick-me-up? Try our Retinol Intensified Eye Gel to wake up tired eyes. Now with Green Tea extract – one of nature’s strongest anti-oxidants! Green Tea has many benefits for your skin, today we are going to talk about 4 top benefits in using Green Tea for your skin.

  1. Fights Free Radicals: Free Radicals form into your skin for many reasons, including exposure to toxins. Green Tea contains a lot of antioxidants called catechins, they help fight damage caused by free radicals.
  2. Neutralize UV Light: UV radiation from sunlight causes up to 90% of all signs of premature aging. In several scientific studies Green Tea Extract was shown to neutralize the damage done by exposure to UV rays.
  3. Rejuvenate Skin Cells: Green Tea may help increase elasticity when used continuously, so it may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even if it can’t remove them completely.
  4. Fight Inflammation: Green Tea also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. If your skin is very sensitive and often red, products containing green tea extract may help soothe it.

For this week only we are offering a free full size Retinol Intensified Eye Gel ($24.95 value) with orders orders totaling over $35, please use coupon code FRRI your shopping cart. Offer ends November 13th, 2016. 

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3 Weather Changing Skincare Tips

As the weather starts to change into dry colder days, here are 3 weather changing tips that your skin will thank you for.

  1. Moisturize After Showers: After a long day of being in cold or dry weather many people take long hot showers when they get home. Hot showers can rob you of the natural moisture conserved by certain fats and proteins. Short hot showers are definitely better than long ones but both damage the skin. So don’t forget to moisture up after a long hot shower.
  2. Stay Protected: As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity and thickness. Making it more vulnerable to dryness and cracking from weather conditions. Very important for your skin to stay protected when you go out in cold dry weather.
  3. Drink Water: Although you have applied moisturizer, the dry, cool air will dry your skin out and it helps to replenish that from the inside out. Try to get into a nice routine of drinking water daily, during the colder months you want to drink a little more than usual to give your skin what it needs to fight the weather. Stay hydrated!

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Celebrating Memorial Day 2016

Many american-flag-clip-art-2 will be celebrating this years Memorial Day with a burger, hot dog or some form of outdoor grilling while enjoying the weather and the time off. While enjoying these delicious foods or time with family, don’t forget to remember!

In December 2000, “The National Moment of Remembrance Act,” was signed into law. This act encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation. As Moment of Remembrance founder Carmella LaSpada states. “It’s a way we can all help put the memorial back in Memorial Day.”

In Honor of Memorial Day, we would like to say thank you to all those who have served their country. Thank You!

As a small thanks, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders through out the holiday weekend. With many of our items on sale for 20% off, we are also giving a free travel size Retinol Cleansing Milk Lotion with every order.

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E. Burnham’s Vitamin E Ointment Review

A lovely customer just sent us this review of our Vitamin E Ointment.  She was so happy that she had to send us pictures to prove it.

“E. Burnham, your Vitamin E Ointment is truly amazing! I recently had double Knee Replacement surgery which leaves rather nasty telltale scars. Hoping to avoid the scars, once my surgeon gave the OK, I started to use vitamin E to help heal the scarring.  I applied your amazing ointment on the scars rubbing it on the scars twice a day. I admit, it does need to be covered with a bandage to avoid staining clothing, but here are the results after only three months post op – miraculous.  To be honest the other night I went to apply the ointment and could not find the scar without turning up the lights. I am so pleased with the results. I expect after another month or two even these tiny lines will be gone. So I highly recommend the Vitamin E ointment, for anyone wanted to heal surgical scars, burns and abrasions, it’s fantastic stuff.”

Nancy W.  Naples,FL

Day after Surgery

Thanks so much for your feedback, Nancy.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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